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Web Site: Demo WAMMI report
Date of Analysis: November 29, 2010
Number of Responses Analysed: 70

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"What do you use the Internet for?"

Choice Number of respondents Global Usability
Score (GUS)
Private study/research 58 ( 82%) 63.48
Academic use (school related) 27 ( 38%) 64.93
Recreational use (interest/entertainment) 65 ( 92%) 63.12
Professional use (work-related) 48 ( 68%) 59.25

How to read the table

The table above shows the number of respondents in each category of response to the tick-box question, including those whose response cannot be categorised. The percentage of respondents in each tick-box category is also shown. The bar graph displays this percentage visually, and to the right, the Global Usability Score (GUS) for each tick-box category is shown.



Choice Mean rating for each of the WAMMI scales
  Attractiveness Controllability Efficiency Helpfulness Learnability
Private study/research 69.74 58.98 68.22 65.40 56.91
Academic use (school related) 74.93 55.78 73.22 68.26 54.15
Recreational use (interest/entertainment) 68.42 58.23 68.18 65.32 57.34
Professional use (work-related) 63.00 56.58 63.10 61.69 53.73

How to read the table

The table further expands the one above. Now, for each tick-box response category, the WAMMI profile is shown so you can see how each category of respondent rates the site on all the WAMMI scales.


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