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Date of Analysis: November 29, 2010
Number of Responses Analysed: 70

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"Do you have any comments about the ease-of-use of this website?"

Respondent ID Comment
1 Maybe it could be explained in what order the results will be displayed by category.
2 It's great to be able to select how to find about about the distribution of a animal species.
4 No, everything Ive tried worked out well.
5 none
9 Very useful when researching a particular spp.
10 Generally pretty good
11 Reasonably easy to use but could be more transparent. Great tool for information and very inspiring though!!
12 When I look for "waxwing" or "pestvogel" (Dutch for waxwing) I get 100s of results. However, when entering "seidenschwanz" (German name of the species) I get just two results. A bit strange?
17 i like it very much and will use it again for sure.
18 i really like the option butons
19 Once used to the way of proceeding, it's straight forward.
20 To be honest, the few times that I have used the site, I find it quite difficult to quickly find what I'm looking for. The site isn't very visually appealing (I think that might be to wdo with the logo or background)
21 It seems easy to use, but I don't feel it offers any improvement over using standard search engines, e.g. Google, to find information I want on European animals.
23 I really like that you have more than 1 picture of the different animals and also video footage of some.
24 I like this portal very much and is very easy to use
26 The filter works fine, handles multiple words w/out boolean specifics (i.e. "this+that", "-that") quite nicely.
27 Looks great so far! I often look for specific facts about animals, so would like the search to include more terms than animal name.
28 This portal is really helpful specially for people who would really love to gain knowledge about our wildlife specially in terms of animals.
30 Attracktive layout.
31 Great!!! Congratulations, I've never seen before an application like this.
32 i love this it helps me find exactly what im looking for
33 the search portal is very good in the way that is show you what type of information it is before you click on it.
34 N/A
36 yes, i believe its suitable for adults and children. I myself found it straightforward to use and i believe my son of 8years old would also find it the same.
37 Lovely website. Will be the first to visit when in need of species information.
38 Option of personalization would be an added advantage
40 Quite simple and helpful.
42 Wasn't sure how the filters worked first time
46 Symbols and ease of navigation around the site quite clear. Good to have related content grouper together.
47 awsome
53 it is very efficient and useful
54 Great directory, keep up the good work. I just learned about Western Grebe's and will be looking forward to viewing their mating dance in Walterville,Or not far from here.
56 No
57 I appreciate your work updating the search aspect of this site!
58 It was quite easy to use and I could easily find specific types of media or facts that I wanted to about my chosen search subject.
59 thoroughly enjoyable experience
60 Looks like you have a great start and I enjoyed checking out the great amount of information available.
63 first use - easily found what I was looking for
64 I think the portal is great, I havn't come across anything like it before!
65 simple and intuitive to use
67 Because of the differences from the ARKive site search system, it took me a moment to get used to it. However, it was easy to use after I played around with it for a moment.
69 Not as easy as I would like

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