Maximize website user experience using our 20 statements and our unique international databases resulting in our easy to interpret online report.

WAMMI measures user-satisfaction by asking visitors to your website to compare their expectations with what they actually experience on the website.

It is based around a standarised 20-statement questionnaire and a unique international database. WAMMI's uniqueness lies in that visitor satisfaction for the site being evaluated is compared with values from our reference databases, which now contain data from over 320 surveys.

We benchmark your website, portal or intranet against others to see if it scored a good or bad result. By tracking performance over time, we see if the improvements you have made have given the desired results from your visitors pespective. Other questionnaires might only give you a value for how visitors rated your site and may not permit accurate comparisons.

By asking additional questions, important information about visitors profiles, purpose of visit and how the website can be improved is obtained and cross referenced with the WAMMI results.

WAMMI is a scientific analytics service, iteratively developed using Psychometric techniques. It has been scientifically proven and has a reliability data rating of between 0.90 and 0.93.

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How to set up a WAMMI survey

Your survey is configured on our secure server. You customize your survey by asking additional questions of your choice around the 20 statements.

We provide you with a URL which you locate on a prominent place on your website (usually as a link or banner on the homepage).

Example from

Visitors to your site click on the link - on the basis of recently published research, we do not advocate using popups - complete the survey and submit their responses. They are then returned to where they were before. The whole process takes only a few minutes. Response rates are high (10-20%).

Once enough visitors have completed the survey (somewhere between 40 and 200 respondants is good) usually after a two week period you will receive an electronic WAMMI report within two working days.

What does a WAMMI report contain?

The most important part of the WAMMI report is the profile your website gets. It's measured in terms of five key scales: Attractiveness, Controllability, Efficiency, Helpfulness and Learnability.

Your site is also given an overall Global Usability Score (GUS) for how well visitors rate your site. An average score is 50 and a perfect score is 100.

Example graph of WAMMI results

The WAMMI report also contains:

  • An individual statement analysis, giving you more information about which aspects of your website need improving.

  • Cross-tabulations of all additional questions (fixed choice answers) with the GUS and the five WAMMI scales.

  • Cross tabulations of visitor responses to check-box questions with the GUS and the five WAMMI scales.

  • Unedited responses to free-text questions where visitors comment about things not specifically asked for by the WAMMI statements.

  • Individual visitor profiles and a numeric summary of the WAMMI results.

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Available in most European Languages

A rigorous technical process ensures that the meaning in the translations is always close to the original.

WAMMI is currently available in the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (European), Spanish and Swedish.

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