Our goal is to better website efficiency through improved user experience. WAMMI measures and analyses Internet sites and Intranets in most business sectors globally. 

Ahlsells, Astra Zeneca, Biogen, Betfair (UK), Brio, BDW (Aus), BMW (De), Bottega (It), CenturyLink (US), Cidadebco (Pt), Compaq, Dial Insurance, Fokus Nettbank (No), Embarq (US), Enecto, The Swedish Tourist Board, The Swedish Post, Ericsson, The Swedish Savings Bank, Hewlett Packard (US), Linear (It), Microsoft (US), Nokia, Nordea, NordNet, Novo Nordisk, Everyday.com, Ombro.com, Orial (Fr), P&O Ferries, Telia, Tjäreborg, Securitas, Skolverket, Scania, The Swedish Employers Association, Saga Travel, Save the Children, Scandinavian Airlines, SEB, SirValUse, Spies, Sprint Nextel (US), The Swedish Labour Board, Ving Travel, La Gazzetta della Sporte (It), Yahoo (UK), Yellow Pages, Vattenfall, Vasakronan.

Several EU financed projects including Metropolis, Infoville, ColdRoad, ColdTrace, DynaHUBs, EurEauweb, Expact, Faircare, neZEH, Sterna, Tree, Equus and UsabilityNet have used WAMMI.

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