The two founder partners of the WAMMI analysis service are hands-on involved.

Nigel Claridge

Having studied Ergonomics at Britain's Loughborough University, Nigel has made a career working as an international consultant, designing for quality-of-use in telecommunications, computer software and the Internet.

An advocate of user-centred design, Nigel has a proven track record of helping clients large and small to achieve organisational and business goals through a balance between new technologies, correct functionality and good usability.

Nigel has worked on many international projects funded by the European Union and is currently working as an independent consultant to projects bringing location-specific information systems based on GPS/3G technology to a range of user applications across Europe.

He is equally at home in the classroom as he is the boardroom, regularly giving tutorials and presenting seminars on user-centred design and web usability. He is a veteran in the field of creating usable interfaces, and is often commissioned by commercial organisations and international conferences to share his expertise.

Contact Nigel Claridge if you are interested in using WAMMI commercially, or if you wish to discuss business opportunities.

Dr. Jurek Kirakowski

When it comes to providing usability questionnaires to assessing computer software, Internet solutions and consumer products, you won't find a better or more qualified professional than Jurek Kirakowski.

Currently working as the Director of the Human Factors Research Group at University College Cork in Ireland, he has such a broad background in practical computer science and psychology and is specialist in so many different fields of usability that he brings more than just an academic touch to wammi.

His speciality is quantitative measurement in human-computer interaction and his major research goal has been to show and prove how the quality-of-use of IT products can, and should be, quantitatively measured in an objective manner to make the technology more effective.

Since it was founded in 1984, Jurek Kirakowski's group has been working to expand and disseminate information about usability in the wider IT community; to engage in industrial consultancy projects; and to develop measurement tools, such as the WAMMI questionnaire.

If you are interested in using WAMMI for educational purposes or wish to know more about the scientific principles, contact Jurek Kirakowski.

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