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The most important element of the report is the WAMMI profile. Your website is measured in terms of: Attractiveness, Controllability, Efficiency, Helpfulness and Learnability. The goal should be a positive Global Usability Score (GUS). Green indicates that your site is above average (50) according to our international database.

The report includes detailed statement analysis and answers to fixed choice or checkbox background questions (cross tabulated with the profile scores). Visitor comments to open questions are gathered and the whole range of opinions different visitors had when they visited are presented.

Example graph of WAMMI results

The current international database consists of approximately 350,000 records from just over 320 sites. Sub databases consisting of records from B2B sites, Intranets and EU funded projects have also been created.

WAMMI reports are electronically generated and are, at present, primarily in English.

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WAMMI report

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